Guidelines and Suggestions for Entrants:

The following are some basic photography suggestions and are intended to be used as a guide only.

When taking your photograph try and be as deliberate as possible. The judges will be looking for conscious decisions reflected in your work. Decisions such as:

  • Did you consider the background when shooting your subject matter?
  • Would there have been a better time of day to shoot your photo where the light would have been different?
  • Is your image framed in an intentional way to suit your subject matter?


Try to imagine what other photographers would think of shooting, then pick something different or shoot it in a unique way. Prominent local street art, for example, is usually a very popular choice and many entries can end up featuring the same local wall.

Re-touching your image is a normal and expected process in this digital age of photography. However, it is best to keep your adjustments minimal and not use image filters that drastically alter your entire photograph. Avoid using effects such as those that add borders to your image and those that overlay scratches or other artifacts. Your photography should speak for itself without the need for these types of effects.

Photographs may be staged, artificially lit, candid, shot in the day or night, etc. There are no limits to what you can shoot (as long as it is in or around Seddon) so be creative and push yourself to find something unique and beautiful. Your image will be displayed alongside hundreds of others in the street gallery so make your entry stand out.

Try to avoid montages of several different photographs in the one image. It is much better to edit down to just your best photograph.

Avoid using superimposed text over your photograph. Your image should be enough without the need for you to write over the top.

Your child or pet may be fascinating to you but unless it’s an exceptional photograph, they probably won’t be fascinating to our judges.